A Small Introduction:

Thank you for showing interest in partnering with Create as a Conference Sponsor. Create Conference started in 2011 with the desire to serve the local church and those who serve it faithfully. As the church hosting this conference, we have come to learn a couple things:

Although we all desire to work in community, time moves quickly and demands increase and we often find ourselves doing ministry alone.

Even though we know there are resources and organizations out there to help us better serve our community, we’re not exactly sure where to look or how to get started. Our desire with Create is to provide a response to both of these needs and we are inviting you to partner with us.

Create2015 will be our fourth conference in five years. We have been privileged to see conference attendees from every province across Canada and have even meet some church leaders from south of the border.

This year we are expecting over 300 church leaders, children’s pastors, worship leaders, communication directors, creatives and volunteers. This represents thousands more ministry teams affected by Create Conference and the growing network of Canadian church leaders looking for community and practical training.

Sponsorship Opportunity:

As a conference, we are committed to collaborating with our sponsors in making this experience as positive and mutually beneficial as possible.

By sponsoring Create Conference you are investing far beyond your finances. As a company you will be investing into the heart and practical training of church leaders across this nation. By providing quality resources, intentional conversations and networking opportunities for our creative church leaders, you will be shaping the culture within the Canadian church.

Sponsorship Levels:

Choose the opportunity and investment that best suits your organization.

Level 3

$ 500

One Time Fee
  • 2x Conference Pass
  • Website

Level 2Most Popular

$ 1500

One Time Fee
  • 4x Conference Pass
  • Website
  • Conference Advertising

Level 1

$ 2500

One Time Fee
  • 6X Conference Pass
  • Website
  • Conference Advertising
  • Sponsors Booth

1Conference Passes

Your company will receive full conference passes 
to disperse to the individuals of your choice. Full names must be submitted to the conference team two weeks prior to the conference to be added to the guest list.

2Conference Advertising

Your company will be featured in our conference booklet through an advertisement designed by your company and submitted to our conference team. Along with your advertisement in the printed booklet, your ad will run in our PreShow Loop prior to every main session.

3Sponsors Booth

Your company will have the opportunity to be on the conference floor, interacting with conference delegates and engaging in conversations that help promote your company’s services. Booths are limited and available to the first 8 Level 1 Sponsors.


Your company logo will be placed on our conference site with a direct link to your website, 
 as well as listed in our printed sponsor directory.

Become A Sponsor

In order to streamline this process and make it as simple as possible, we’ve created an online form below to complete in order to become a Create Sponsor. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, adamfry@centralcc.ca, and I will be more than happy to assist.