Conference Speakers

As church leaders, we are all learning how to navigate and lead through change. This year, we want to open our doors and share some of the lessons we have been learning at Central to serve as a springboard into that conversation. We are not saying we have got it all figured out, but we are committed to navigating it together.

Bill Markham

Lead Pastor, Central

Brent Cantelon

Missional Executive, PAOC

Carey Neuhoff

Lead Pastor, Connexus Church

Whitney George

Executive Pastor, Church On The Move

Matthew Luhn

Story Supervisor, Pixar

Jonathan Lambert

Lead Pastor, Experience Church

Adam Fry

Associate Pastor, Central

Andrew Plett

Communications Pastor, Central

Brady Shearer

Media Director, ProChurch Tools

Justin Driedger

Campus Pastor, Central

Greg Sykes

Worship Pastor, Central

Derek Elliotson

Production Director, Central

Gianpaolo Galessiere

Children's Pastor, Central